Stitch & Tchuani live

(c) Linda Rosa Saal

BERRIES -wants to bring together people from different backgrounds and with different identities in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation. We want our audience to be as diverse as hip hop itself.

The party is organized by Dominik Djialeu and Bastian Kussin, also known as DJs Tchuani and myshkyn.

BERRIES brings you the freshest upcoming hip hop, trap and grime DJs such as artists from Berlin and around the world. These artists have joined us so far: Lotic, Le1f, Jay Boogie, David Oh, Isabelle Lewis, MicahTron, Caramel Mafia, Svetlana Pall MallKovo, Obstsalat, That Fucking Sara, Bella Cuts, Bad Mom, Rodeo aka Sullivan, Carmel Zoum, Erotic Thriller, Ford Kelly, Nadav, Chew Disco’s Ladybird and k/west, Breezy, CHITutku, Pam Bam, Lenki Balboa, Juicy Gay, Muzi, DJ Doowap, Das She Cray, XANA, GRRRLZWhite Lie, Osgän Powers, Adventure Tyme, Not Your GirlfriendASHUS, ANTR (G-Edit)….

TASTY is Tchuani’s second monthly project in cooperation with Berlins queer club SchwuZ. The guests on our CHERRIES Floor were so far:

live: Mister Wallace, BbyMutha, Abdu Ali, KC Ortiz, MxBlouse, Princess Vitarah, MicahTron, QBoy, Laskaar, Prince Harvey

behind the decks: Le1f, Bambii, br0nz3_g0dd3ss, Thunder Touch, ANTR, Das She Cray, Caramel Mafia, Igor Botur, Bella Cutz, Ladybird, GRRRLZ, Berlin Disaster, Jubadø√∑Ç@K∑, Melissa, Cyntrak, Jonno, ASHUS, Punani, Naim, Steve David, Bad Mom, CHI …